Vision Mission and Name



Our vision is to create responsible, well-rounded global citizens with values.



We provide a holistic education. Vidyalaya shall endeavor to

Enable the students to face the competitive world with confidence and poise.
Encourage the students to explore possibilities and strive for excellence.
Groom the students to be independent and compassionate.
Help the students to build a strong body and a strong mind.
Impart learning from which results righteousness.
Instill in the students time-honored values of life.
Inculcate a sense of responsibility towards society and environment.
Nurture the latent creative potential in every student.
Take the students on a voyage of self-discovery and happiness.


Name & logo

The name Vallaba is derived from the name of the founder, Mr. M. Vallappan. Coincidentally the word ‘Vallabha’ means ‘dear one’ or ‘one loved by all’ in Sanskrit.


The logo highlights an individual with outreached arms signifying happiness, freedom of spirit and achievement. The colour green stands for environmental consciousness and the colour blue stands for social and civic morality.