The campus is situated at the outskirts of Madurai in a sprawling green oasis, just 7 km from K.Pudur on Alagarkoil Road. The landscaping ensures a green, pleasant and eco-friendly campus. The campus has a built up area of 85,000 sq.ft which will be extended to 1,00,000 sq.ft by 2019 June. The campus is structured to meet the needs of wide range of academic and sports activities. The campus is dotted with about 600 trees of various species.


Each classroom is spacious, well lit, colorful and adequately furnished with 525 Sqft of space. Every classroom is designed to provide learning atmosphere for the students to learn with understanding. The furniture till Grade I is designed for group learning. The furniture is customized for comfortable seating and to learn with interest.


The school’s central library stocks 9000 books of many genres. The library plays an integral part in the teaching-learning process. It provides supporting material for learning in the classrooms and helps teach skills required by the students to become literate, informed and able to face the world.

We believe in the adage, “Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders”. Children are nudged to pick up reading from a young age. Every student visits the library multiple times in a week. It is not rare to see our teachers reading along with children under a tree.

Parents are also encouraged to borrow books from the library through their children. Some of the magazines we subscribe are Champak, Champak Hindi, Highlights Champs, Highlights Genies, Tell Me Why, BBC Knowledge, Readers digest, Architecture+Design, Lonely Planet, National Geographic Kids, Forbes India, Education World, Parent Circle, Overdrive, Infinithoughts and Outlook Business.

Though some of the magazines might be advanced for a child’s age we want our children to be exposed to a variety of topics.

Montessori Lab

Students till Grade II actively use Montessori lab to Montessori method of teaching and learning is a proven system to meet the expected levels of age appropriate learning. The School has a well equipped Montessori Lab to with all necessary materials to make the students to understand the concepts through experiential learning.

Information Technology

The campus boasts of three I.T labs with about 150 PCs and about 75 tabs equipped with a dedicated 25mbps internet line. We have one of those rack servers from Lenovo to host the software platforms developed by our software team (we are a bit geeky, you see!) There are no limits for the students to use the technology in an appropriate way.

Creya Studio

Creya is a hands-on STEM Learning & Design Thinking program for students. In the studio, students get to work on the process of ideating, designing and prototyping solutions as they go through the process of design thinking. They get to apply concepts from Math, Science, Computers, English Language Arts and Social studies to come up with solutions. Creya is available as an After School Program for students from Grade II to IX. Learn more about Creya Click Here

Musical Instruments

The school has about 16 keyboards and 15 violins for the student usage during extra-curricular classes. Students showcase their potential during functions and celebrations.

Sports Facilities

The campus has both team & individual sporting facilities such as a 400m track (with eight lanes), football field, cricket field, table tennis, volleyball, basketball and skating rink. For table tennis, we have a ball serving machine that helps children increase the pace of their learning.

The kindergarten folks find their place in a secure play area with safe play equipments. The area has various play items to increase stability, agility, flexibility and endurance of kids. We provide ample opportunities and facilities for the children to keep themselves fit.


We have a full time nurse on campus to give first-aid for injuries and handle emergency situations. The infirmary has one bed available for students in need of rest.

School Buses

We operate thirteen buses across the major routes in the city. All the buses have speed governors installed to avoid over-speeding. The buses are maintained well to ensure safety and comfort to all our students. Cost and route plans are available at our office.

Food, water, safety and sanitation

Canteen facility is available at school to provide Tea for the Staff members and Lunch for the Staff and students. The canteen is run by a quality catering team. The tea and lunch are supplied at subsidized cost.

Purified drinking water (RO plants) is available for all students and employees. We never compromise in hygiene and cleanliness. We proudly claim to be the best in terms hygiene and second to none.

Safety and security provided are of international standards with CCTV at vantage points. Trained security personnel are equipped to ensure the safety of all the students and the staff.

Washrooms are maintained spic and span. The wash rooms are designed keeping the safety, comfort of the students in mind. Adequate number of washrooms is available for students and staff. Each washroom has a separate washroom cleaner.