Ample opportunities are offered to students to develop into multi-faceted individuals.



We follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus and are affiliated to the board. Our affiliation number is 1930722. We use Chrysalis textbooks from LKG to Grade III and NCERT books from Grade IV upwards.

Children from LKG to Grade II have the concept of Homeroom teaching except for language and physical education classes. The concept behind the Home room teaching is to enrich the student -teacher relationship, individual attention and maximize learning.

Computer Literacy

We use the curriculum and platform of code.org, a non-profit organization in the USA to learn Computer Skills. Students are provided with individual login accounts to access the online lessons to build their computational, and computer skills. For younger students, a booklet designed by our teachers serves as the curriculum.

Academic Assessment

Assessments play an important role in the Curriculum as they help students to assess their learning and help teachers to understand their focus areas. We believe assessments to be a healthy part of learning. Till Grade II, learning is assessed by informal assessments in the classrooms by the respective teachers.

From Grade III, the learning is assessed by formal assessment system through paper pen method. In order to ensure learning we conduct weekly assessments (micro level) on two days per week for 40 minutes. This system ensures continuous learning and reduces the burden on children during term exams. To check the learning in a term we have terminal exams during the month of September, December and March. The performance of the students in academics will be discussed with the parents at the end of each term during the parent teacher meeting.


Detailed Assessment

We have introduced the Detailed Assessment system in English, Science and Mathematics for the students from Grade VI to IX check the conceptual understanding and exposure to application based questioning. This assessment is done online and consists of MCQs. The result analysis will clearly indicate the thrust areas that need remediation.

The assessment is done through the Private Educational Agency, Educational Initiatives, Ahmedabad. Visit detailed-assessment


Co-Curricular Activities

Apart from the Academics, students are given the opportunities to enhance their skills through CCA as part of their weekly timetable. Grade I & II students learn Vocal, Art & Craft. Grade III – V students, children learn Vocal, Craft, Art, Chess and Scrabble. The CCA are carefully designed and integrated with Curriculum to nurture the hidden skills of our students. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

As we strongly believe in the holistic development of the child, opportunities are given for children from Grade III to IX to develop their skills by learning two activities of their choice out of - Art, Skating, Silambam & Nunchaku, Yoga, Chess, Sculpture, Western Dance, Bharatham, Vocal, Violin, Keyboard, Football, Aerobics and Table-tennis. Children learn these activities on every Tuesday morning. The children are taught through experts to learn and develop skills.

Reading Program

We lay emphasis on independent reading and language development. Children from Grade III are allowed to borrow books of their choice from library.

We use the level cards from Orient Blackswan for providing age appropriate fiction and non-fiction content. These cards (available both English & Tamil) contain the content on one side and questions on the other side, to test the understanding. The answers written on a “Reading Program” booklet are evaluated by the teachers and the librarian. We also stock books offered by Book Lovers Reading Program BLPS

As a part of the Language development program, Grade I to V children use a software program named “Fathom”. This helps children to learn the spelling and pronunciation of FRY & DOLCH words and sentences framed using them. Fathom is delivered via PCs and tabs.

Children from Grade III to IX use a story reading platform named “Sky Reader”. The platform has cloze passages and multiple choice questions based on fiction & non-fiction content. The content is ordered based on ascending order of Lexlile levels.


Software Platform for Math

The school has developed its own software program named “Infy”. Through the program students from Grade II to VII get to practice and solve questions online. The concepts and sub concepts are grade-appropriate. The platform ensures that a student will be advanced to the next concept once he/she masters the current one.


Field Trips and Speaking Session

Experiential learning has a great deal of importance in today’s learning. Children are taken on trips to places of importance and relevance to their topic of study. Our students regularly visit Agricultural college at Othakadai, Gandhi museum and AlagarKovil hills. Factories and farms are other places we visit. To build social consciousness, children meet with visually challenged students at Indian Association for Blind (IAB), Sundarrajanpatti and play with children with special needs at Special Needs Park at Thamaraithotti, Madurai atleast once a year.


Outbound Camp

Children from Grade VI upwards are taken on a one day camp & trekking activity. Students enjoy the evening with campfire and stories in a rural setting followed by trekking on the following morning. Over the past years, we have stayed at CESCI (Kadavur, Natham Road, Madurai), Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Mahirishi Ashram (Vellayampatti, Natham Road, Madurai). As part of these camps we have trekked Alagarkovil hills from multiple directions and Swarnabhoomi hills on New Natham Road. Out bound camps help children appreciate nature and build their social consciousness.


Cross-Country Run

Students of Grade IV and upwards participate in the cross country run. During the month of October, students undergo grueling physical training ever evening for 1 hour. The training would be professionally conducted with warm up, warm down and gradual increase in difficulty. Students get trained to run over hilly terrains, uneven surfaces, and wet surfaces and over obstacles. In the cross country race that is conducted at the end of the month, students run over 3 km through natural and artificial obstacles that include crawling, jumping from 10 ft on a sand pit and running through knee deep water pit.


Student Council

As a part of Student Empowerment we have constituted the Student Council that comprises the Student Leaders selected through the ballot paper election process. The Student Council is headed by the Head boy and Head girl chosen from Grade IX assisted by the Deputy-Head boy and Deputy-Head girl from Grade VIII. Each house is lead by a Captain (from Grade IX), Vice-Captain (from Grade VIII) and four Prefects (from Grades VI-IX). In addition each section of a class from Grade III to IX is assigned a class monitor.

The Students Council Ministry includes the Ministers for Environment, Transport, Fitness, Resource, Information & Communication, Academics, Women’s Welfare and Discipline selected from Grades VII to IX selected through election process. The members of the Student Council frame their roles and responsibilities and present their Action plan before the Teachers and students. The Student Council members undertake their roles officially after pinning of the badges in the Investiture Ceremony.


Cock House

Team work and collaboration are 21st century skills. Our students learn to compete in teams throughout their school days through the Cock house championship. The entire student body is segregated into four houses and assigned a color – Kadamai (Red), Thooimai (Yellow), Vaaimai (Blue) and Pasumai (Green). The teachers are also segregated into various houses. Each house is led by a House Master & House Mistress chosen from among the teachers.

Children compete on academics, sports and intellectual activities to contribute points for their house. Teachers also compete among themselves and win points for their houses. At the end of the year, a Rolling shield is presented to the house with highest score.


Special Education

We strongly believe that all children are equal and gifted in their own ways. Some selected teachers underwent special training through Madras Dyslexia Association, Chennai on the methodology to support the Children in need of Academic support. Through this system children in all classes are screened for dyslexic traits and the identified ones will be guided suitably. Parents of these children are suitably oriented clearly about the program by the Special Educators.


After School Program

This is an optional program for children to hone their skills of interest after school hours for a nominal fee. This program ensures the professional development in their field of interest.

Children from Grade I to IX are given the opportunity to participate in after school programs. Grade I & II children can choose one among Athletics, Skating, Chess, Creya and Hindi. Grade III-IX children can choose one among Athletics, Skating, Chess, Creya, Hindi, Football, Table-tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball.

Children stay back on three days per week – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, for the program. The school provides snacks and transport facilities for children on these days.



Students regularly participate in the sports events conducted by Madurai Sahodaya Sports Complex (which is a cluster of CBSE schools in Madurai region) and other competitions conducted by external bodies.